How to Promote your job?

To Boost your job, go to the 'Promote' section on your active job. Accessible by clicking on your job title or by clicking on the action menu and selecting 'Boost my job'.

  1. Click on 'Active' to activate promoting your job. 

  1. Select the desired amount you'd like to spend on promoting your job.
  2. With each application received, 4 euro will be deducted from your balance until the maximum limit is reached.

  1. You can always add more promoting limit by clicking on the red + button under Promote on your active job. Note that there is no limit to promoting jobs.

Promoting your job will make your job a sponsored job and visible at the top when searching for your job title and tags used in on the job results page, as well as searchable within the normal search results. There are 4 sponsored jobs displayed on a search at a time, as many jobs can be sponsored as required, as these will rotate upon page refresh.

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